Music in slot games

Slot games – online or offline – wouldn’t be the same without the music that they feature. The sound effects and music add an indispensable element in slot games. Imagine for a second silent spins! Some games manufacturers have taken things a step further and worked with bands and musicians.

New Irish Artists

Not just a list of hot new Irish artists, this also includes a few that have been around for a little while floating under the radar. CMAT Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson describes her songs as a way of telling jokes to mask the tears. There is humour and vulnerability but also

Dublin Digital Radio

Many music fans have missed live music in the last year and aren’t satisfied by the impersonal nature of streaming platforms. Online radio, however, is delivering a different source of music discovery and community. In Ireland, Dublin Digital Radio is connecting experimental artists with new audiences. Run solely by volunteers,

The Kino closure

Cork has lost one of its key music venues with the news of Kino closure. This is a result of Covid restrictions and future demolition plans. The Kino closure announcement has dealt a massive blow to the city’s music scene. In July 2020 the owners of the building were granted

Best Bands of all time

Throughout the centuries Ireland has consistently been renowned for its music, art and storytelling culture. Since the sixties it has also been a big part of modern rock music. Despite its relatively small size Ireland has given the world many of its best bands. The Dubliners The Dubliners are without